Evaluating the QB Situation

Starter: Andrew Luck

Backups: Scott Tolzien, Stephen Morris, Josh Woodrum

After suffering a shoulder injury, a lacerated kidney, and torn abdominal muscles last season, the Colts frantically invested more into the health of their franchise QB by drafting four linemen in the 2016 draft and by urging Andrew Luck to slide when he can. When healthy and protected, Luck is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Luck showed steady improvement through his first three seasons, but played poorly last year even before his injuries. Many factors can be attributed to his decline, but most Colts fans are expecting to see Luck return to his 2014-15 MVP candidate form when he led the NFL in touchdowns and finished third in passing yards. Hopefully with a much improved offensive line, an extra year of chemistry with his young receiving group, and his record-setting 6-year $140 million extension out of the way, Luck can silence the critics once and for all.

The backup QB expected to make the 53 man roster at this point is Scott Tolzien. In an uncharacteristically quiet free agency period, the Colts gave out a two-year deal to the former Packer. Stephen Morris could compete for the backup spot against Tolzien because he is the only QB besides Luck that was on the roster last year. Although he was on the roster, the Colts used Hasselbeck, Whitehurst, Lindley, and Freeman instead of Morris. The last QB on the roster is Josh Woodrum, a long-shot to win the backup QB spot.

At this point, Tolzien seems like the second QB the Colts will keep, and Morris will probably end up on the practice squad again. Unless Woodrum makes a very strong push, he will most likely have to find a new home.



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